Course Details

Course Details
Course Title

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Course Details
Enables you to find speedy and effective resolutions to a diverse array of problems – and to encourage creative thinking as an effective tool in problem-solving within organisations.
Contact Person
Dani Lincoln
Course Location Western Cape - Mowbray ,Cape Town
Course Venue Omni Head Office
Start Date 20/08/2020
End Date 20/08/2020
Course Capacity 30
Available Seats 29

Course Skills
Ability to Give Feedback
Ability to Influence & Persuade
Career Development
Compelling Communication (Oral and Written)
Conflict Management
Cross Cultural Competency
Effective Communication (Oral and Written)
Emotional Intelligence
Engaging & Soliciting Input
Mentoring & Coaching
Organisational Awareness
Social Intelligence
Strong Team Player
Value Chain Awareness
Virtual and Physical Collaboration

Research agent

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