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Course Details
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Course Details
Now Available ONLINE Develop the required skills and understanding to conduct effective moderation of outcomes-based assessments.
Contact Person
Dani Lincoln
Course Location
Course Venue
Start Date 19/08/2020
End Date 20/08/2020
Course Capacity 20
Available Seats 20

Course Skills
Complex Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Data Analytics
Data Protection / Information Security
Digital Literacy
Escalation Management
Ethics, Governance, Morals
Functional skills (finance, operations, HR, IT, Marketing & Sales, project management)
Innovation (Concept & Idea)
Instructional Design
Leadership and Development (Principles)
Mentoring and Coaching
Research and Development
Risk Management
Strategic Communication
Understanding & Integrating Legislative Regulatory Environment
Very Specific Fields Aimed at Your Experienced Positions

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