Course Details

Course Details
Course Title

Managing Meetings

Course Details
Now Available ONLINE Discover and understand how to effectively and efficiently conduct and participate in meetings that yield valuable contributions and purpose-driven outcomes with this interactive workshop.
Contact Person
Dani Lincoln
Course Location -
Course Venue
Start Date 12/08/2020
End Date 12/08/2020
Course Capacity 20
Available Seats 20

Course Skills
Complex Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Data Analytics
Data Protection / Information Security
Digital Literacy
Escalation Management
Ethics, Governance, Morals
Functional skills (finance, operations, HR, IT, Marketing & Sales, project management)
Innovation (Concept & Idea)
Instructional Design
Leadership and Development (Principles)
Mentoring and Coaching
Research and Development
Risk Management
Strategic Communication
Understanding & Integrating Legislative Regulatory Environment
Very Specific Fields Aimed at Your Experienced Positions
Virtual Reality (Optical Science; VFX; Art; UI Design; Sensory Architecture; Security Analysis; 3D Modelling; Graphic Design; Sound Engineering)

Operations Professionals

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