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Course Details
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Qualification: Management (Level 4)

Course Details
Now Available ONLINE Upon achieving this qualification, you will be able to develop plans to achieve defined objectives. Organise resources in accordance with the developed plan and monitor performance to ensure compliance to the plan. You will also be able to lead a team to work co-operatively to achieve objectives and make decisions based on a code of ethics.
Contact Person
Dani Lincoln
Course Location
Course Venue
Start Date 14/11/2020
End Date 13/11/2021
Course Capacity 30
Available Seats 30

Course Skills
Complex Problem Solving
Creative Thinking
Escalation Management
Ethics, Governance, Morals
Innovation (Concept & Idea)
Leadership and Development (Principles)
Mentoring and Coaching
Strategic Communication
Very Specific Fields Aimed at Your Experienced Positions

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