About us

BPESA is a not-for-profit company that serves as the industry body and trade association for Global Business Services in South Africa serving the international and domestic markets.

Its purpose is to market South Africa to the world as an attractive place to offshore their business processes, thereby stimulating local job creation, particularly for unemployed youth, and coordinating industry role players to provide a sustainable supply of suitably skilled people to enable the sector to remain competitive and to grow.


BPESA promotes domestic and foreign investment into the Global Business Services Sector in South Africa and works with its partners to stimulate economic growth, new job creation and skills development.

Our mission is to create a trading environment in the Global Business Services Sector in South Africa that is conducive for inclusive and collaborative growth at scale, underpinned by the sustainable supply of workplace skills for the future, a culture of innovation, and a drive for continuous improvement across the supply chain.

Visit the BPESA National website for further information: www.bpesa.org.za.