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Working with the UK's Bribery Act

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OVERVIEW: This online training course has been designed to look at the main issues around working with the UK's Bribery Act. Bribery doesn't necessarily have to involve money changing hands – it can take many different forms. By taking this course you will gain a good understanding of all aspects of bribery. DETAILS: Bribery is defined by the UK's Bribery Act as: "Giving or receiving a financial or other advantage in connection with the 'improper performance' of a position of trust, or ...Read More
Start Date 01/01/2016
End Date 31/12/2016
Course Capacity 10000
Available Seats 10000

Course Competencies
Fraud management
Specific regulatory parameters (Industry-related)

Management Information
Quality Assurance
Team Leader/Manager
Workforce Management

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