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Display Screen Equipment (DSE) - Video

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Introduction:A fresh approach to working safely with DSE. Advice is given which can be applied to your workstation, your job and your working environment. At the end of the activity there is a test and a risk analysis of the individual. Chapters: 1. Introduction - This section gives you an overview into the difference between VDU, Monitors and DSE. 2. Eyes - This section covers the affects DSE can have on your eyes and how to minimise risks by changing your focus / activity. 3. Aches and ...Read More
Start Date 01/01/2016
End Date 31/12/2016
Course Capacity 10000
Available Seats 10000

Course Competencies
Risk management
Specific regulatory parameters (Industry-related)

Management Information
Quality Assurance
Team Leader/Manager
Workforce Management

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