Course Details

WordPress is the leading web blog software. The product makes it easy to add content to your web site without being an expert. Designers also use WordPress to design dynamic sites and easily add functionality with WordPress plug-ins. The activity will show you how to use and administer a WordPress site. To install WordPress, you should have basic HTML and CSS knowledge (there are other learndirect activities that cover HTML and CSS training). You'll learn how to post, configure, install and edit a WordPress web site.


This is an instructional e-learning activity featuring a comprehensive set of easy-to-follow video lessons. You will see the tutor's desktop as they explain, step by step, the key functions, tasks and applications. Learning is supported with printable material, suggested homework and other support material. The activity videos are designed to allow you to follow along while you learn, and set tasks will enable you to try out your new skills as you progress through the activity. Topics are combined into learning "modules". You can watch individual topics (3-8 minutes), follow at your own pace or use our schedule to give structure to your learning Modules.


• vs
• Making a account
• Where to go first
• The Dashboard
• Posts
• Lists
• Post Options
• Categories and Tags
• Screen Options
• Media Library
• Media in a Post
• Links in Posts
• Making a new Post


• Installing WordPress
• AMP Stack
• phpMyAdmin
• Setup your WordPress Install
• Creating A Website
• Custom Themes
• Widgets
• Menus
• Pages
• Editor
• WordPress Settings
• Plugins
• Export/Import
• Updating

(Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes)