About us

BPeSA Western Cape was founded in 2002 to promote and develop the IT-enabled services industry in Cape Town, with a strong initial focus on contact centres.

It operates both as a specialist investment promotion agency for business process outsourcing (including contact centres) and as a regional trade association and networking body for the industry.
The mandate of BPeSA Western Cape is to create jobs. It does this by:
  • Raising awareness of the industry’s potential internationally and thus attracting new investments
  • Helping create an enabling environment for investments to thrive and grow
  • Developing the local skills base and supporting SMMEs
  • Providing linkages to national and regional government to ensure the implementation of pro-growth policies.

BPeSA Western Cape’s mission is to promote job creation in the Western Cape’s BPO industry. We achieve this by promoting:
  • Investment
  • Networking
  • Empowerment
  • Facilitating learning in our industry.

During the past two years, BPeSA Western Cape has submitted two successful offshoring award applications, helping position both South Africa and the Western Cape as a BPO destination of choice:
  • 2012 National Outsourcing Association (UK) – Offshoring Destination of the Year
  • 2013 European Outsourcing Association – Offshoring Destination of the Year
As reported in the 2012/13 Key Indicator Report, close to 3,100 new jobs were created over a one year period, bringing the total number of offshore jobs created in the Western Province to around 8,300.

With continued interest in the South African BPO offering, BPeSA Western Cape has developed a skills strategy that will aim to train 10,000 agents and 1,600 specialist and leadership roles over the next three years. The objective is to grow the overall skills pool with a special focus on team leader capabilities.

With South Africa now firmly established as a BPO destination of choice, skills development will play an integral part in the sustainable growth of the industry.